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Most of our appraisals are done for tax purposes. In addition to our long-term management solutions and timber salesTemplin Forestry, Inc. appraisals are built upon a series of verifiable data from which Mr. Templin builds a logical and defendable argument to arrive at an opinion of value in a formal, written report. Our reports are generally utilized by landowners who want to establish a timber and land basis and need a report that is defendable to the IRS. Other appraisals are used to establish a basis for dividing assets, settling estates, as well as estimating the selling price of timberland as of a certain date.
Setting a separate tax basis for land and timber is very important whenever you purchase or inherit property.  If you do this, you can deduct your tax basis in timber as you sell it over time without incurring income taxes.   Of course, the portion of income that you cannot deduct from your tax basis will be taxed at the capital gains rate.  It’s important from a tax standpoint to be in the ‘business of timber production for profit’ in order to get the best tax benefits.  Timberland ownership has desirable tax characteristics for protecting wealth as it passes from one generation to another.  Make sure you utilize your forester with your team of other professionals, such as your lawyer and accountant, to receive the greatest possible benefits from owning and managing timberland.

Other Valuation & Evaluation Services

Land and Timber Evaluations and Acquisition Analyses provide timberland investors with analytical information organized in a manner so that our clients understand how the characteristics of any property will affect the future management of the property.  It’s best if clients understand both the opportunities and limitations of their property before they purchase it.  
Broker Opinions are sometimes provided through Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc. at a lower cost than appraisals for the purpose of setting a Listing Price for properties.

Special Projects

Analytical projects such as resource availability studies, compliance reports for wetland mitigation banks, other environmental assessment reports, and/or divisions based on relative values are available.  Reports customized for client needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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