Reforestation - A look to the future

We listen, look, think, and advise, then you decide how we implement your decisions.


Reforestation is one of the most important decisions a landowner can make.

Decisions made at this time determine the characteristics and productive potential and value of the site.

Templin Forestry has planted over 40 million pine and hardwood seedlings for landowners in Louisiana during the last 40 years.  We have the experience and know-how to successfully reforest pine and hardwood forests of all kinds after a harvest. Whether your objectives are to produce crops of timber, or to provide conservation, recreation, or any combination of these, we can help you optimize the mixture of your chosen benefits.  

Some of the most important reforestation services we can provide are:

1). Assisting clients to apply and qualify for various state and federal cost-share programs. Templin is a certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) for the NRCS office.

2). Helping clients choose and implement the most practical and effective site preparation techniques for any specific site.  Knowledge of biological, practical, and economic factors are utilized to advise our clients properly.

3). We work closely with our clients in choosing the genetic material that best fits their objectives.  We provide assistance to landowners in explaining the costs and potential benefits of upgrading to various genetic strains of seedlings, along with the practices needed to realize the potential gains when applicable.  

4). We provide the on-site supervision necessary to ensure proper tree care and planting techniques are utilized on every job.  

Of course, we also provide on-going forest management services (silviculture) once a stand is successfully established. Using conservative assumptions, returns from active forest management can consistently yield 10-12% annual returns over time.

Reforestation Info

Do you need to know more about reforestation or the benefits of reforestation? Restoring the land where timber was harvested is very important. It keeps the land rich for future generations who need timber or engage in timber growth and harvesting.

Some areas have also been ravaged by flood, fire, or other elements. Reforestation brings back the potential to grow hundreds more trees in the place of those damaged by the elements.

At Templin Forestry, Inc., Steve Templin will be happy to tell you all about the business and how our Templin Forestry business grew from seedlings many decades ago. Serving the Alexandria, Louisiana area, we service a wide area of Louisiana who work in the timber industry.

Benefits of Reforestation

There are many benefits of reforestation. Below are some of the more obvious ones:

  • Replenishing the earth with trees where the others were cut down or ravaged by nature
  • Increasing oxygen levels in the forest areas, so it provides a more healthy environment for humans and animals
  • Beautifying the area for decades to come
  • Providing areas of agricultural real estate that people can purchase and farm for family generations to come
  • Improving the water cycle and keeping a balance of nature

Reforestation is essential to the well-being of the natural ecology as well as the many other living creatures who thrive and dwell in the forests of Louisiana and other places.

The Southeast's Reforestation Experts

We are the go-to experts for analysis of timber property, sales of timber land, and location of agricultural real estate. If you are looking to get into the timber business and don't know where to start, that's where we come in.

Reforestation is something that can bring back thousands of missing trees. We are administrators of the reforestation process and we can help you replenish your land. If your land has lost trees, we can replace them. 

Visit Steve Templin at Templin Forestry, Inc. today to discuss your needs in the timber business. Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, or farm timber land, we can help. 

Come see us in Alexandria, LA or contact us for an estimate of what you want to do. No matter what part of the forestry industry you are in, we can help advise you on what to do. Come see us today or call Steven now at (318) 446-1190. 

We love to hear from new customers. If you value the environment and want to help be a part of something big, call on us. We are only a phone call away for reforestation guidelines, forest analysis, appraisals, and more. 

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